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What is a CP12 landlord gas safety certificate?

A CP12 landlord gas safety certificate is an annual certificate issued following a yearly gas safety check by a Gas Safe registered engineer.

The check ensures that all gas appliances and flues provided for tenants are safe to use. The certificate includes details of any work carried out to ensure that all gas appliances and flues are safe. Landlords in the UK must have a valid CP12 certificate for each property they rent out that has gas appliances.

Gas Safe engineers

Our engineers are Gas Safe registered (formerly Corgi) and trained to the highest possible standards. We also provide ongoing training to keep them up to speed with the latest safety issues and regulations to ensure we can offer the best quality service to our clients.

G.Green Heating and Plumbing Ltd will provide you with all your Safety Certificates under one roof, saving you time and, even more significantly, money. We can offer discounts for multiple properties; gas safety, periodic electrical and PAT testing. In addition, we can offer a discount as our multi-skilled engineers only have to make one visit.

Certificates are completed on-site, signed by the tenant and engineer, and will be sent straight to the landlord’s inbox. For safety purposes, we also supply CO detectors and smoke alarms.

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What happens during a CP12 certificate?

During the process and before issuing your CP12 certificate, the gas engineer will carry out the following types of checks:

  • Check that equipment is operating at the correct pressure.
  • Check the appliances are combusting gas normally.
  • Check that there is sufficient air supply to the equipment.
  • Check that flues and exhausts are clearing fumes safely and without leaks.
  • That all appliances are operating as they are designed to.

Do you need a landlord gas safety certificate?
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