My name is Andy and I’m a Freelance Designer based in Bournemouth. One of my passions is design (along with a love of Vespa’s!) and everyday im designing something. It might be a website, a brochure, an e-shot, some vinyl or a design for some branded mugs. That’s the beauty of Freelance Designers, they are usually multi skilled, have lots of contacts to help with anything that they can’t do. So there’s your answer!

By hiring a Freelance Designer you only have one person to deal with and they will be able to help you with all your design and marketing needs. So if you need some design or marketing help just ping an email to andy@611design.com or call me on 07968 582589.

And one last question, WHAT SHALL WE DESIGN TODAY??

Ooh, and here’s a picture of a nice Vespa 🙂