Sheppard’s Plumbing & Heating – Boiler Servicing

Sheppard’s Plumbing & Heating - Boiler Servicing

Problems can occur with your boiler at home if it has been neglected and not had a regular boiler service. We always recommend that your boiler is serviced annually to ensure that it’s operating efficiently, safe and any potential more serious problems can be identified early.

How we work

Why should you maintain your boiler at home?

Here at Sheppard’s Plumbing & Heating, we recommend all our customers to arrange their boiler service annually as not only does it give you safety and security that your boiler will be there when you needed but it will also maintain your Worcester Bosch guarantee.

If we have serviced your boiler previously, you will receive a reminder when your boiler is due again for its service.

It’s always best to have scheduled maintenance for your boiler to maintain correct, safe and efficient operation and of course minimise the risk of a complete boiler failure and the subsequent replacement costs.

We find that many homeowners feel they can’t resist the temptation to wait until the boiler is on its last legs before replacing it. Our opinion is that this can be both dangerous and costly. A boiler that is not operating correctly can present a danger to your family and your house including an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. A well-maintained boiler is a safe and efficient boiler.

What happens during a boiler service?

There can be some lack of understanding on what actually happens during a boiler service.
We have highlighted this below:

  • Gas tightness test/check
  • Boiler efficiency check including flue gas analysis (and adjustment as required)
  • Check on the operation of safety devices (and adjustment if required)
  • Check on operating pressures (and adjustment as required)
  • Visual inspection of flue
  • Visual inspection of exposed pipework to all appliances
  • Assessment of ventilation (for boiler purposes)
  • Check condition and bleed radiators and test controls
  • Test carbon monoxide alarms to see if they are operational
  • Give advice on getting the best out of your boiler

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